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Initial Set-up Guide

As stated before, my main goal is to make the app fast and unobstrusive. The initial setup of Groups and Activities ensures a smooth daily usage. I aim to minimize the time it takes to log entries so you can do it quickly and get on with your life. After the initial set-up’s done, logging an entry requires only 4 clicks. You’ll see those in the Logging Entries page.


  • Organize your habits: Groups help categorize your habits for faster logging.
  • Quantify impact Activities allow you to assign a score to each action, reflecting its impact on your overall wellbeing.
  • Track progress: Logging entries based on your set-up allows you to visualize your progress over time.

Set up Groups

Groups contain habits or habits that affect the same aspect of your life. For example, you could create categories like “Nutrition,” “Work,” “Mind,” or “Sports”. My main categories are Nutrition, with habits like “ate vegetables,” “skipped dessert”, others categories are the Work, Mind, Physical, etc.

To add a Category:

  1. To open the app
  2. On the add entry floating button ”+”
  3. To select the category
  4. To selecting the habit

These categories will be listed right after clicking the ”+” floating button in the Entries Screen. When you click a category, the app lists its habits.

Set up Activities

Activities are the specific actions within a category that represent the habits. For example, within the “Nutrition” category, you could add habits like “ate vegetables,” “skipped dessert,” or “drank sugary beverage.”

When you click on the ”+” floating button to add a new habit, a dialog will launch and automatically expand a dropdown menu with all categories to select the parent. Below it there’s a text field for the title of the habit, and for the last step is a slider to quickly input how impactful that habit is to you.

In the bottom of the dialog there’s a slider to assign the habit score based on your perception of its impact on your general wellbeing.

Start logging Entries

After setting up a few categories and and habits you can start logging Entries.