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Daily Use

This guide focuses on the app’s daily features after the initial setup.

I tried to make it as simple and unobtrusive as possible. My main objective is to minimize the time it takes to log entries so it helps but doesn’t get in your way. Spend a few minutes setting it up and log your entries with just a few clicks.


The app has basically 3 different objects: Categories, Habits and Entries as follows:

  • Categories: They are simply categories of habits, to have them classified and access them quick by first selecting the category.
  • Activities: They are the “habits” or “actions” you want to track and influence. Both positive and negative. They belong to a category, have a self-explanatory title like “I did this” and an associated score.
  • Entries: They are the ones you’ll be using daily after the initial setup. They are instances of the habit that you log to keep track of your behavior.

Open the main navigation drawer by clicking the Top-Left ☰ icon and you’ll find 6 sections as follows:

Main screens

  • Entries is the main screen. The one where you see your scores, log entries and modify them when needed.
  • Trend has one graph to help you visualize your daily scores and 30 day trend.

Setup and other screens

  • Categories is the set up screen where you enter the categories you’ll use to clasify your habits.
  • Activities is the set up screen where you enter and delete the habits.
  • Settings Just a few settings like the format for the displayed time and the recency weighing factor for RW7.
  • Help & info Just a link that brings you here.

Entries Screen

The Entries Screen concentrates 99% of the functionality. To minimize unnecessary navigation I tried to pack the three main functions of the app:

Score cards

To stay up to date on your behavior there are currently two score indicators. Your RWW and the score in the last 24 hs.

  • RWW stands for Recency Weighed Week. This is what made a difference for me, it is the main indicator and soul of the app. It considers your behavior in the last 7 days, weighing each period of 24 hs score for recency. I designed it to motivate me towards achieving my habits goals by making recent entries weigh more than older ones. The recency weighing factor defines how recency weighs in the indicator and is personal to everyone. You can configure it in the Settings Screen.

  • Last 24 hs is the second indicator and it is simply the sum of your scores in the last 24 hours.

Entries list

Below the indicator cards there’s the entries list, ordered by recency (latest first), and grouped by day. It has three columns:

  • Time is the time you logged the habit.
  • Habit is the title of the habit you logged.
  • Score is the entries unweighted score.

Sometimes you’ll log entries hours after having done them, or even the next day (like passed midnight). To modify an entry you can longpress on it and 3 options will pop up at the top of the screen:

fixxMe app Time Edit Iconclick to edit the time of the entry
fixxMe app Date Edit Iconclick to edit the date
fixxMe app Delete Iconclick to delete the entry

It’s not possible to undue deletions. If you delete an entry by mistake you can add it again and modify its date and time.


The second menu option and screen has a single graph with the unweighted values for the last 30 days so you can quickly view your behavior trend.

That’s about it (for now). Good luck improving your habits!