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fixxMe app: Getting Started

Welcome to fixxMe app! your personal app for monitoring and improving your daily habits! This app helps you track both positive and negative habits consolidating them to a single indicator, allowing you to visualize your progress and motivate yourself to be better. This guide will help you get started with the initial set up.

Quick Start

If you just installed and want to get going follow these 3 steps:

  1. Create a Category

    Categories are sets of habits you want to track, for ex. “Fitness”, “Nutrition”, “Health”, etc.

    • Go to the categories screen through the navigation drawer menu, click the ”+” button and add one.
  2. Add the first Habit

    The habits you want to track are represented by activities.

    • Go to the Habits screen through the navigation drawer, click the ”+” button and:
      • Select the Category
      • Enter the Habit name, for example “Ran 5 miles”, “Ate trash food”, “Fasted for 16 hours”, etc.
      • Move the slider to the score that represents how habit impacts your overall wellbeing. Negative scores for negative impact and positive scores for healthy habits.
      • Save it.
  3. Add an Entry

    An Entry is an instance of the Habit you added in the previous step.

    • Go to the Entries screen and click the ”+” button.
      • Select the Category
      • Select the Habit
    • An Entry will be added at the current Date and Time, with the corresponding habit score.

Good luck!

If you want more detailed instructions, continue reading this Guide.

Installation Requirements

  • Minimum: Android 7.0
  • Recommended: Android 12.0
  • Download Size: 11.3 Mb
  • Storage Space: XX Mb


Search fixxMe app in the Google Play Store and click install.

Run fixxMe app

Search your application drawer for the monkey wrench:

fixxMe app Android Icon